How Do You Do Strike Through Text On Facebook?


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Striking through text is exactly what it sounds like. It is where a line is put through typed text to give the illusion that someone has made a mistake, just as if it was hand written. The easiest way for you to insert strike through text on Facebook is to use Microsoft Word or Mac Pages and cut and paste your strike through text from there.

Using Microsoft Word or Mac Pages For Facebook Strike Through Text

Open Word or Pages and then type the text that you want. If you then look on the bar at the top of the document underneath where you change the font and the font size you will see abc with a strike through so it looks like this abc. Highlight the text that you have written and then click the strike through button and the line will appear. Then highlight the text that you have put a strike through, right click on it and select copy. Log into your Facebook account and open the window where you want to insert the strike through text. For example, if it is a comment or post on a wall then right click again in the box and select paste. The text should then appear in the box, along you to post it in a comment, on a friend’s wall or as a status. This will only work if you have the 2007 version of Microsoft Word or higher as previous version don’t allow the strike through option.

Another way that you could try is by using a code on Facebook. First of all, type the text that you want directly into the box. Before you click enter, go to the beginning of the text and type <s>, then go to the end of the text and type </s>. When you press enter to insert your comment, it should appear with a line through it. If this doesn’t work, then you simply delete your comment from the wall or photo comment and then use the method describe above using Microsoft Word.

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