What Is The Function Of Facebook?


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  • What is Facebook?
Facebook is a social networking website that allows users to contact their friends online and share their thoughts, opinions, status updates, photos, videos and links to other sites that they found interesting or amusing.

  • Uses of Facebook
Many people now have the ability to use the internet 24/7 and with social networking websites we are now becoming a generation of people who want to stay connected and communicate 24/7 and Facebook allows us to do that. We can share snippets of our lives with all of our friends to make sure we always know what is going on and always feel connected.

  • Functions of Facebook
An important function of Facebook is building relationships. Teenagers in school for example may meet in class, become Facebook friends and then share things and talk about things online to form bonds when they cannot be together. People who are shy often find socializing online is a great way to build friendships in a safe environment so they are stronger when they next meet that friend.

  • Facebook Pages
The use of Facebook Pages is becoming increasingly common for businesses and websites and means that Facebook is developing a new function as a source of advertising. This is particularly good for small businesses that cannot afford formal advertising. By 'Liking' a business page you will be sent regular updates from the business so you know what is happening.

  • Other functions
Facebook is a great way of sharing photographs and allowing friends to be tagged in them and comment on them. As most people now have digital cameras, pictures are often stored on computers instead of being developed and Facebook brought our digital photos back into the real world, rather being stored away on a computer file.

Facebook also has many games that can be played, and a lot of these can be played with your friends and this highlights that Facebook is primarily a fun and modern way to play and communicate.
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Facebook is a social networking site similar to Myspace. In order to use the site’s features, you must sign up, which is free. Once you have done this, you can fill in information about yourself for your profile and give yourself a profile picture. You can also search for people you know and add them to your friends list. Once they are on your list, you can leave messages in their inbox, write on their "wall" and tag them in photographs.

Facebook gives users the chance to interact with friends and share photos. You can also join networks and groups. Once you join a network, all the people in that network can view your profile, but you can choose to limit it to just people on your friends list if you wish.

When you log into Facebook, you are presented with a mini news feed that gives you a variety of updates on your friends. You can read their status, see what they have written on other friends’ walls, view any pictures they have added and see results of quizzes they have taken. When a friend updates a status, you can leave a comment related to that status and be alerted when your friend or friends of your friend reply to your comment.

Many bands and actors have pages on Facebook. You can become a fan of the band or actor to gain access to updates and events related to them. When you or a friend becomes a fan of something, it will show up in the news feed, giving others a chance to join if they wish.

Facebook is a great site for keeping in touch with friends and family. If you are concerned about your privacy, then you can easily make sections of your profile private, such as your photographs and your relationship status. You can also choose to keep what you write on friends’ walls private so that it will not show up in the news feed.
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As an update, Facebook has just reported 30 million active users, that is those which login at least once per month. The slightly bigger Myspace (but who knows for how long) reports 70 million active users, though its said that they count their active figure differently.
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Facebook is just a way to time pass, nothing else, I know most of you find it attractive and addicting but com on peopl whats so special????? For me everything in real life matterz nt anything on facebook...
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Facebook is similar to things like myspace or twitter. You can chat online with friends kind of like you do on skype.
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Facebook is a network that you can talk to far far away friends,parents,or relatives.
But now many users just update many games and tasks up,this is very bad.
Facebook is also a place that you can chat to each other (such as MSN) and share your things out to let your friends comment or like the post.
Facebook is a place that you can keep a secret to each other and relax yourself to feel more and more better.
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Facebook is similar to Myspace, and is a social networking website. The site is for everyone, including businesses, people at high school, and for people who live in certain areas, having been originally exclusive to university students and staff.

It is free to register with Facebook. The site works similar to Myspace in the way that users can upload photos, send public and private messages, list their interests and build up friends. The site has been noted for its job opportunities, as employers will look at users' profiles.

Facebook only allows users to use plain text on their profiles, whilst Myspace allows users to add and customise their backgrounds. This has resulted in Facebook being hacked by users wishing to change their profiles.

Facebook was founded in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, and after the site spread to other schools, it had more then one million registered users by December 2004.
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You can find your school friends if you remember their names. It's called social networking
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Yup, just like Bebbo, MSN, Myspace and all the others. It's great because heaps of ppl have it and its heaps of fun.
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Facebook is definitely the best place for social networking. In here, you can post whatever you want as long as its legal.
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It is a place that losers visit to make friends. You see they are sooooo pathetic
they can"t make real friends. Don't bother wasting any of your precious time there.

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