Is There Any Advantage Of Using Oracle Than SQL Server?


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Oracle is much faster and more powerful than SQL Server. You can put a stack of 50 computers together (grid computing) and have Oracle combine the power of all of the machines to answer complex queries quickly.

With great power comes great responsibility. Oracle is probably not a great choice for a small business person. Unless you have a vendor who will support your Oracle database or you have a support contract with Oracle you will find it very challenging to recover/repair/maintain your database if it develops problems.

MS SQL is easier to install and for the most part doesn't require much maintenance after it is installed. It is less expensive, but if the loads on it becomes extreme you'll spend tons of money buying hardware that will give it the performance you need.
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Whilst Oracle is clearly one of the upper level products, don't forget the power of the free open source mysql. I am astonished at times by its performance and ability to handle huge demands. When optimised its another choice I think but not so good on some advanced relational features.

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