What Is The Main Difference Of SQL And Oracle?


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SQL stands for structured query language. It is a programming language designed to work with relational databases, to add, update, delete, or extract data from the database, assuming the database was itself designed to use SQL. Many relational databases add their own little extras to SQL, in an attempt to give them an edge over their rivals. SQL builds on the concepts of relational algebra, a form of set theory. There are recognised international standards for SQL, stating how it should work. Not every relational database uses every single possible SQL command however.

Oracle is a relational database management system. (RDMS) It was one of the first commercial relational database systems, and Oracle Corporation is the only company to ever challenge Microsoft as the biggest company in the world. Oracle uses SQL as its programming language and you can use just SQL for all your work with it if you wish. But Oracle also includes PL/SQL, to enable you to do things that pure, ANSI SQL cannot. Oracle is one of the most advanced RDMS available.
To make it very simple by avoiding verbosity    oracle  is a Database    Sql  is structured query Language that is being used to fetch,manipulate,control data from Database.

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