What Is Normalization In Sql Server DBMS?


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Normalization is a technique that is adopted before the designing and development phase of any database. There are six normalization forms that are to be followed in order to have perfect database. When making a database there are various point that are required to addresses otherwise you might have too many non-required columns and you may not have the desired columns as per system requirements. Although you might be able to add new column and delete as well but it is always recommended to normalize the database before creating it. In the normalization process primary key is identified and candidate keys are also identified for primary key, manual system is analysed before converting into columns and types of columns.

Normalization also makes sure that there is no repetition of the columns and minimum numbers of columns are defined and usability of each column is most. Normalization also identifies the number of table that is required in a specific database development and what will the data types of each column. There are various interpretations available in the form of books from different authors about normalization. It also identify which column should be index and whether you should have unique index or composite index because they also play very vital role in the searching the records from tables.
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Its the technique to reduce redundant table data to the very minimum. Through  this process data of single table is replaced  by multiple tables with a specific relationship setup between the tables.
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Normalization refers to analysing the database based on functional dependencies with the aim to reduce the redundancy and the insert, update and delete operation on the database.

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