How Do I Get Photos Off A Disk To The Computer?


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As stated above, when you load the disk, which I am assuming is a CD, into the computer, a box normally appears asking you what you want to do with this disk i.e. View images or open folder and there are about 3-4 other options.  You can select the View choice, which looks like a projector screen, or you can open the folder, which is just a picture of folder. With the View, the images will then be opened for you to view.  *With the folder, you will see all the images laid out as either titles or they'll be mini images, known as thumb-nail.  When you double click on a title/thumbnail, it will open up and you can view it.  Depending on your viewer, you can either open each image individually or at the bottom of the 'viewer' there will be 'forward' and 'backward' arrows, so you can view your images that way.  Alternatively, if this selection box doesn't appear when you insert your disk, on your desktop or through your start menu, there will be 'My Computer'  If you select this, it will show you all the drives that are on your computer.  Select your disk, which normally appears as D: E: Or F: - it may also have a title of the disk i.e. Jane's Party Pics!! Or Images070808 (these are just examples!)  Double click on this disk and the contents will open into folder, in which case you should continue as I have suggested earlier near the *.  I'm hoping that this will work for you.  The only other problem you could encounter, is the fact that the images maybe saved in a format, that you may not have software for on your pc, but in the majority, images are saved as .JPG .GIF or .BMP, which will all open in Paint.  Good Luck - Enjoy your pictures :-)
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It's so simple you can copy and paste it look copy to the file and save it to the folder , desktop or where ever you want then it will be loaded and would be copied to then if you want to remove the photo file from your compact disk then you can cut or delete it
NOTE:It's much better that you copy the file in my Pictures only
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Placing a picture as a desktop background is simple. Simply display the picture, whether it is on CD, DVD, Flash drive, or Web picture, Right click on the picture and select Set as background. If you want to move the pictures from the CD to the hard drive, that is easy also. The fastest way is to open My Computer (or simply Computer in Windows Vista) TWICE. Open the C: drive and right click on any white area. Click on New and choose Folder in the drop down list. A New Folder will be highlighted on the in the Name column. Change the name to whatever pictures you have on the CD, such as Summer Picnic, and date the folder. Now go to the other Computer screen and open the DVD/CD-ROM drive. You will see a folder named DCIM or a series of numbers,letters,numbers. These contain all of the pictures on the CD. If you want to move ALL of the pictures, Right Click and Drag this folder to the folder you created on the C: drive. Choose copy when prompted and your pictures will be copied onto the computer's hard drive. You will also have a copy on the CD in case you did not get all pictures transferred. If you chose move the pictures would be moved off the CD onto the hard drive and you would have no copies (also known as "backup"). If some pictures were destroyed or distorted, you could not get them back. It is always best to make a copy before deleting pictures. Some CD's (called CDROMs) will not let you move items off of them. I hope this helps. I know this is a long winded explanation, but this is one of those times that it is really easier DONE than SAID.
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Put the disk in the computer Like "bestthing" stated a windows should automatically popup; in the event it doesn't  click My Computer and then look for the CD-Rom (or floppy drive) and click on it. You would then drag the files and/or folders onto your computer and drop them in the desired storage location.

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Put in the disc a window should open up asking what option you want to do with such as view files open folder if not go to my computer and open it the you can copy all the pictures and save them to a folder

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