How Do I Upload Photos From My Phone To The Computer?


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There are several ways to upload photos from your phone to your computer. First of all, if you have a smartphone like a BlackBerry or an iPhone, you will most probably be able to email the photos to your computer, or upload them onto a social media network such as Facebook direct from your device. If you have quite a few images to send over, the memory card from the device can also be hot swapped into most computers, which commonly have SD and microSD card readers in today's market. Don't worry if your PC doesn't or if the card isn't compatible - adapters are available very inexpensively for this purpose.

You may also be able to connect your mobile phone and PC via Bluetooth. This isn't just highly advantageous for transferring photos, but can also be used for contacts, music files, videos and other pieces of data.

Finally, let's not forget the good old USB cable, which comes with all mobile phones. This is arguably the quickest method for getting things done once you have downloaded the drivers to ensure your device will be recognised by the computer. This will have been provided on the CD that accompanied your phone's packaging, and can also be found on the website of the company that manufactured your device, so take a good look around.

There's plenty of ways to get resourceful when transferring between your mobile phone and computer. If you need more advice, don't forget to refer to your trusty instruction manual.
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There's a wire called USB, which comes with the mobile when you purchase it, in case you don't have it, you can by one. Anyway, you've to put one end of the wire into your mobile and the other end into the CPU of the computer. Then, you've to open (MY COMPUTER) on your computer and click on (REMOVABLE DISK F) and then you can copy and paste as many pictures as you want..
If you need any other help, send me a shout or comment.
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Connected USB wire to my computer and then opened up (computer) it shows (devices with removeable storage) sub topics (3 1/2 " floppy) and CD-RW drive D' I then click copy and nothing happens.
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Simple use 'BLUETOOTH'
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If you have internet on your cell you could go on the internet and send it to your email and save it on your computar...or if you don't have internet send the pic/pics to someone who does have internet and tell them to send it to your email, after they send it to your email , go on your email and save it on your computar....or get a usb cord
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You have to go in to my computer and a pop up screen should have come up and if it has select the 3 icon down and you should be able to do your thang
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Can you send pix text messages or email on your phone? You need web access to the web and make sure they're free on your phone plan. OK, so on your phone display/view the picture you want and hit the send button. You should get a menu option that you can select email or text or send pix. The one you pick should move you to the screen you'll type in your facebook address. Now hit Send again...
Sign into your facebook account. You should have an email from yourself listed in your facebook account. Open the email. You may have to download the picture once the email has displayed. Say yes and hit enter. The picture should display.
   Now, RIGHT click on the photo, select copy.
   Next LEFT click on your facebook page in the spot you want to place to the picture.
   Now RIGHT click on that same spot. Select paste. (you may have to save, or name the file, blah, blah blah. Just use your common knowledge.)
   Wah-la the pix should be there. You can share it with whomever you wish now. Hope this works for you.
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Help my disk f don't pop up
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I usually use my bluetooth device, that's if you have 1 for your computer. Just plug it in. Then turn the Bluetooth on your phone on. Search for devices and you'll find find your computer's Bluetooth name with a little icon of a computer. Select it and send your pictures. Another way is with a USB cable. You should have gotten the cable with your phone when you bought it. Hope you understand,
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First you need to have a data cable, which is to connected to the USB port of the drive and the software for downloading the pictures from the mobile.
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Pictures taken on a digital camera or camera phone can be copied from the camera or phone in two ways, namely either by sending yourself an e-mail with the pictures attached from the messaging features on your phone, or by copying the pictures directly from the camera to the computer using a USB cable.

The steps involved in the process of sending yourself an e-mail with the pictures as attachments are firstly the picture is taken, the option to send the picture as a message is selected, your e-mail address is typed in the field marked To (the recipients), the message is sent, your phone is connected to your computer using a USB cable, the specific software program is used, the pictures are copied from your camera to your computer and then the pictures are deleted from your camera to make space for more and also to avoid unnecessary clutter.
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-Well You Either Need Pic. Txt . Or You Need A USB Cord
1: With a USB Cord All You Do Is Hook The Cord Up And
Go To My Computer (Removable Disk] And Open Pictures
Dragg The Pictures You Want Into The Picture Folder
[Make Sure You Save Them To your Memory Card First ! )

2: Picture Txt Is Much Better -Just Text The Picture To Your E-mail [Yahoo,Hotmail)ETC.
Then Go To It And Open The Message That Should Have Your Number At The Top
Go To Where You See The Clip And Press It It Should Open Then Ask To Save Say Yes

Thats How It Works , Glade I Could Help You
Lisa Martia' Long [14)

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