How Do I Download Photos From My Phone?


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There are several ways by which one can download photos from the phone on to the computer. One can e-mail the pictures to one's e-mail address and then download it from the inbox on to your computer hard disk. This is the best way to download the pictures from your phone as it requires no extra hardware or tools though not all camera phones support this feature and one may also have to pay for the messaging service.

Another feature that one can use to download the pictures is the Bluetooth wireless technology. To enable your computer to use the Bluetooth technology one would have to add a USB Bluetooth Adapter and upgrade to Windows XP, also both the devices have to be in range to use the technology. The next step involves setting up a connection between your computer and your phone for which one would have to enter a security code common to both; then click on My Computer and My Bluetooth Places and View devices in Range. Double click the phone icon and then the file transfer icon following which one can copy the photos directly from the Pictures folder on to the computer.

One can also connect the phone to the computer using a USB cable for which one would need driver software that usually comes with the phone or the USB cable; one can also download the software from the Internet. After that one has to just select the option on the computer and follow the downloading instructions.
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You can plug the wires, linking the computer and phone together using Wi-Fi technology, and after getting all the pictures in the computer, you can print it out.

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