When Was The Nokia Phone Company Founded?


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When Nokia was founded in the year 1865, it had nothing to do with phones, and it was a pulp mill established on the banks of Nokia rapids in Finland. Its founder was Knut Fredrik Idesram.

The Finnish Rubber Works started using the Nokia brand in the beginning of 20th century. After the World War I, two companies Nokia Wood Mills and Finnish Cable Works, which was in the business of producing telephone and telegraph cables, were acquired by Finnish Rubber Works and these three companies amalgamated to form Nokia Corporation in the year 1967.

The current era of Nokia has its roots in the year 1960 when the electronic section was founded by the cable division and with its amalgamation in the year 1967, that section started making telecom equipments.

In the year 1972, Nokia got its first order from Finnish Defense Services for mobile phones for field radios.

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