Who Was The Founder Of The Computer And When Was It Founded?


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The answer is that no one person can be attributed to inventing the computer.

In my opinion though, both Charles Babbage and Alan Turing are the biggest names as far as contributions to early computing goes.

Who invented the computer Computers as we know them today are actually based on a series of advancements and developments that were made by a number of people throughout history.
This raises two main problems in answering the question:

  • The word 'computer' can be used to describe a number of different devices
  • Modern computers are the result of contributions made over time by a number of different people
Even today, computers are constantly developing and improving.

For example, the home computers we had back in the '90s are completely unrecognizable from the tablet computers and desktop computers we know today.   

Who is the founder of modern computers? The beginning of computers can be traced back to 'devices' that performed two distinct functions:

  • Calculating
  • Programming
Based on this, the earliest form of computing could be the developments attributed to British mathematician Charles Babbage.

In 1837 he developed a machine that combined both calculation and programmability. He called it the Analytical Machine.

His invention operated using a series of punch-cards that told the machine what to do.

Alan Turing, another British mathematician, should also be recognized for the computers that we have nowadays.

He was the first man to introduce the concept of 'algorithms' and 'computation' through the device he invented- called the Turing Machine.

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