How Do You Connect The Playstation 2 To The Internet Whithout The Disk Because My Ps2 Did't Come With A Disk I Have The Little PS2?


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Francois masse answered

Heum, depends which small ps2 version you're talking about. The slim version had an integrated network adapter. If your model # is SCPH-70000 or higher,  you won't need the network adapter.

Since you don't have the network setup disc, take one of the more recent game with online functionality. They almost all have the needed software. Don't forget, you'll need a memory card to save those settings.

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Arsalan Maqbool answered
For connecting to internet , you do not need the hard disk,what you need is a PS2 Network Adapter,PS2 Network Access Disc and a
Network Ethernet cable.You also need a broadband modem with an Ethernet connection.Here are the exact steps you need to connect your ps2 to the internet.

1-Turn the PS2 and broadband modem off.
2-Now connect the network cable to the modem's Ethernet port and the Ethernet port on your PS2 network adapter.
3-First turn the broadband modem on,then turn on your PS2.
4-Now load the Network Access Disc in the PS2.
5-Follow the on-screen setup instructions.
6-For further support ,refer to the Network Access Disc manual.

Good luck.

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