How Do You Make Your Profile Playlist Play Automatically?


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stacy yung answered
Go to (my account) it's in the top right corner....and then it's going to show a small list of words one may say password,privacy,spam etc....but don't click on any of those go on across till you see the word (miscellaneous) click that and scroll down to where it says (music players) & look at the first subheading that says {my profile} put a check in the first box and there you go!!! And my myspace is in case you need me bye!
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Your profile at time of answering wasn't showing any playlist on it. I'll be here taking the example of to help you.
Go to Create an account there. Now create your playlist and add songs in it.
Once all that is done, You will be guided to a page where you will be able to look at your created Playlist there.
Right under the Playlist, there will be option to get your code. If you cannot see the option, Visit Playlist Code Genarator. Click on that option and a webpage will open up. Click on option 5 and then another webpage will open up, asking you to choose playlist. Choose playlist and another webpage will open up. There will be an option of "Auto Start" there. Choose that option as "Yes" and click on "Get Code". Your Code will be generated and when applying that code. After applying code, refresh your profile page and your player will now be playing automatically on your profile.
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Just log into your account, go to My Account (upper right-hand corner) and then when that comes up:
Click Miscellaneous on the menu at top (it should be at the right-hand-hand-side at the top of the page somewhere in small, blue print). After it comes up:
Scroll down to where it says Music Players and you will have a bunch of options, and automatic music player will be there for you to click. Click save after your done and then check your profile. Hope this helps;)
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