My IPod Is Not Syncing A Few Of My Songs. When I Try To Play Certain Songs, It Automatically Chooses Another One For Me. Why Is That?


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That's not useful for me, man,I bought eminems album, relapse, and the only songs it syncs is 'we made you' and 'mr mathers (skit)'
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Okey !
complete four things below,you'll enjoy your all songs on IPod as you like...

1.Insure your all songs' formats are .MP3 or AAC.if not,convert them to the right  format;
2.Open iTunes and click "File" to add your songs to iTunes library.
3. Plug in your iPod to computer, then iTunes will detect your iPod as a device.
4. Select your iPod device on the left panel of iTunes, click "Music" tab, check the music you want to sync and click "Apply"

enjoy now ...

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