How to download video in pen drive from you tube?


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In the relatively short time that YouTube has been in existence, it has completely changed the way people view clips, videos, films and even TV shows.

The video sharing site allows people to upload their video clips for users around the world to view within minutes. It also allows people access to clips and films that they once would never have had the opportunity of seeing. Such is the popularity of the site that many large organizations and companies use it to broadcast information. It has been known for the British Royal Family to broadcast short films using YouTube for example.
  • The YouTube site is very user friendly and those wanting to upload film only have to follow the simple instructions to have their film available to millions, within minutes. Downloading videos from the site on to your computer is a different issue though. There are a number of programmes that can help you do this.
  • You can download a programme called "YouTube Downloader", this will assist you in retrieving film from the site as you need to be sure that the clip is in the correct format to be stored and watched on your computer. is another which may help.
  • More widely used broadcasting software is also giving users the option to download film to their machine from an outside source. Real Time is one of these programmes that allows you to take footage direct from the YouTube site.
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