How Do I Format Acer Aspire C Drive?


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Aspire computers are one of the most accessible computers out there, both in terms of price and usability. Everybody can trust Microsoft, so formatting your Acer Aspire C drive is as simple as following the steps outlines below.

The first thing that you need to do is to find the system restore discs that came with your Acer Aspire in the first place. You will have been given an umber of CDs within the packaging of your laptop. The discs contain system files for your laptop, as well as the original operating system that was provided on the laptop and all of the necessary drivers.

You should put the system restore discs into your computer in the right order, and then restart your machine. You will be provided with on screen directions, as the computer begins using the disc to start the formatting. When you restart the computer will automatically recognize what the disc is, so it’s unlikely you’ll have to enter BIOS to tell the computer to read the disc first.

The system restore process will then begin, which is the easiest way to format the computer. Carry on following the instructions until loading screens appear. The computer will start the formatting of the C drive, and then tell you when you need to enter the next disc. Simply do everything the computer tells you, and you can’t go wrong.

Once this is finished, restart the computer, and when you boot back into the operating system the whole drive will have been formatted using the operating system that was first provided with the machine. You will have a factory settings machine that should word as good as new!
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You will have to use a separate xp sp2 cd .Just put it in the laptop and go to bios and select cd drive as 1st boot device.After that the xp setup will run and follow the on screen instructions.It will ask you to format drive c so answer yes.
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Wen I start kar than its came blue screen how can I format ?
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This solution do not work.
It appear a Blu background and give a report error.
How can I reset this error?

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