Where Can I Call Someone To Their Phone From My Computer Free?


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Unfortunately, there are no absolutely free sites for computer to phone calls.

  • Finding deals
There are a few sites that are willing to offer you a deal for phone calls made from a computer to a cell or home phone. One site, lingo.com, provides you with free unlimited world calling for one month. This is after you sign a contract or work in a pay as you go option.

Another site, called friendcaller.com, says it offers free calls on the internet, but when you log on to the site it just shows you that they do not charge you for the service. This means they do charge you for the phone call and the number of minutes it is, but not for the service of providing you with an internet phone option.

icall.com is another site that advertises free phone calls on your computer, iPhone, or iPod Touch. After they say free, there is of course a caveat saying "or low cost." So there is always going to be a cost to the service.

  • Payment for phone calls
There are two ways you may be charged for the phone calls you want to make on your computer. You can sign up for a subscription service where you pay a monthly fee. There are no contract and pay as you go options. You pay an upfront fee and then use the service as much as you want in that month.

The second option is to pay per phone call rather than for the service. If you pay for the phone call it could be anything from 10 cents or more per call. It is a good service if you do not have a phone and want to make affordable international calls.

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You can and the largest provider of PC/Voip is Skype. You can chat or talk PC 2 PC for free and you can talk PC to landline, anywhere in the world very inexpensively. 4 More info go to ---} www.skype.com {---
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I use Skype (which is free!) to video chat with friends, family, and clients. What's great about video chatting is that it makes telecommuting possible!  I own my own automation equipment business and I can contact vendors directly and see the product before I buy it. You know Skype is mainstream when Oprah uses it regularly on her show. Since it's free I don't see why you wouldn't want to use it, personally or business-wise :)
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I want program  I call free every where out canada
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Yes Sir just download Skype for free like I did and call people anywere in the WOrld. Isn't that nice:)
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There are a few ways you can make phone calls. Currently, The best way is to go to a company that sells VoIP phone service. (stand for Voice Over Internet Protocol) and purchase a soft phone. A softphone is a phone that runs on your computer and looks like a phone. If you have speakers and a mic and a connection to the Internet, then you can make a call. Go to a company like vonage.com or itpvoip.com .

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