How Can I Call People From My Computer For Free?


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You could use Skype if the people that you want to call also have the same software. It is an application that is free to download.

If you want to make calls to landlines and mobile phones, there is a charge, and this is payable by using a debit based account system.

There are over 63 million registered users of Skype, so there is a good chance that the person or people that you want to call already have it on their computers. One of the reasons why it is so popular, besides being able to make free calls is that it has additional features such as instant messaging. You are also able to make video conferencing calls and do file transfers.

You may find that you are not able to use Skype at work because some network administrators have banned it saying that it uses excessive bandwidth and that it uses resources inappropriately.

If you decide to take advantage of Skype, you will be given a unique username and you could be listed in the Skype directory if you want to be, enabling other users to be able to find you.

If you regularly make international calls, Skype could very well be the answer for you. There is a service called SkypeIn, which allows users to take calls on their computers from a conventional phone. Because the person who has Skype will have been given a number that is local to the country that the call is being made from, the cost of the call will be a local one, not the more expensive international rates. Naturally, if both parties have Skype, the calls can be a two-way thing, without one party having to pay for the calls all of the time.

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