Where Can I Get Real Free Cell Phone To Pc Call?


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I'm pretty sure you can text cell phone to PC also if you can't find a call thing
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Thank you guys ! I found a softphone can make and receive free phone call. Click for detail www.icall.com      Yesterday I made pc to mobile call and mobile to pc call. I feel everything is good but I was charged $14.97 after I upgraded to iCall Pro.     I thought that maybe a precharged for international call but I was wrong because the international calling deposits was temporarily suspended and you can not add funds to your account. That is so bad to me! Today I send a email to ical and called my credit card, they said the money no charged from me right now so what was happened on my account??? I'm Still waiting for the response.      
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I have searched over the internet but could only find free calls form PC to cell phones. However the calls from cell phone to PC are not available.
Check out this link:

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