Is my cell phone spyware? How to check my cell for spyware.


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  • What is Spyware?
Spyware is a type of software, known as 'Malware' due to the malicious nature of its usage. It is usually installed onto computers to collect information about users without their prior knowledge.

Spyware can also be used to change an individuals computer settings, steal internet connections and generally play havoc with a persons computer.

  • Spyware on a mobile phone.
Though not as common as that found in computers, spyware can also be used in mobile phones allowing a third party to listen to your conversations, read your text messages and even view your private photographs.

Common signs indicating if somebody has put spyware on your phone include:

  • An unusually high phone bill - If you have had an exceptionally large bill this could be due to spyware, as the malware used requires a data connection. Therefore if you do not usually use the phone to surf the internet or download music and ringtones etc. You could have a spyware infection on your handset.
  • Battery Depletion - Spyware runs in the background of your normal apps and mobile phone functions. This therefore requires more power to run the program and consequently may cause the battery to drain quicker
  • Problems shutting down - Again as the spyware program runs constantly on your phone shutting down will cease the malware from working, and therefore it may stop the phone from responding to tasks such as this.
  • Check your applications and icons - If new apps or icons have appeared on your screen, this is a great indicator that somebody maybe tampering with your phone.
For further information it is recommended you take your phone to a qualified technician or the shop from which you purchased the handset.

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