What Are People Saying About Cell Phone Spyware?


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Watch out for bluetooth spyware by all the spyware sellers on the internet! This product is a rip off!! They advertise that the blue ware will work on any cell phone, it is a lie. They only are taking advantage of people in bad situations. And making it worse. I bought their product bluetooth junk and ended up calling my credit card company to get a charge back placed against them to get my money back. EVERYONE DO THE SAME NOW! Call your credit card company and place a charge back against these guys lets put them out of business...Please do the same for any of these scammer, cell spy pro, e-stealth, spymasters, brick house security, any of these BLUETOOTHJUNKWARE sellers! Put them out of business!!! They are stealing your money. It does not matter if they do not offer refunds!!! CALL YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY AND PERFORM A CHARGE BACK TODAY! You will get your money back!    The only cellphone spyware that works is sold by just watch the demo video I did and caught my wife with her boss!

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