What you think about Verizon wireless dropping 13 States in the US and people are being forced to find new cell phone carriers?


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I had to do some research on this since I hadn't heard anything about it. For coverage, having only my cell, Verizon offers the best coverage. Sprint is useless in my house - no towers nearby. US Cellular is a joke. So I'm stuck with them. Here's a blurb on this:

While Verizon wouldn’t say exactly where the customers are located, we know the 8500 people are in 13 states including North Carolina, but not South Carolina or Georgia.

The company claims those consumers are using a large amount of data while roaming on other providers’ networks.

In some cases, it left people in such a lurch, Verizon had to double back.

Since the announcement Verizon says it has been contacted by some people who use their personal cell as their roll as a first responder. If they can’t get other service Verizon says it will work with those people so they can stay on the network.

Elizabeth Sloan with Wireless Warehaus says most people in the North Carolina mountains have other options, but should always read the fine print on any provider’s coverage area.

“Really it all boils down to what you want to spend on a device if you do or don’t have to, and then what service it is that you want, but really your most viable options are Sprint and US Cellular,” she said.

If there is no alternative provider Verizon will allow customers to switch to a 2G to 8G plan but it’s no longer offering the unlimited plan.  Otherwise customers must switch providers by Dec. 1.

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Thanks for answer :) I think it's shame these cell phone carriers are leaving customers in the dark about these things , i heard something about in October that Verizon is making these changes but it could be as late as December i think it's shame
but when it all boils down it's all about money and nothing else.
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Yep - totally true.

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