Can I Send A Text Message From Yahoo To A Cricket Cell Phone?


3 Answers

Lisa Krem Profile
Lisa Krem answered
If you know your friends’ phone numbers and the carrier
they are on then you can easily send emails to their cell
phones directly from your email program.
To send an sms to a Cricket Carrier, you would simply
send this from your e-mail... Where I wrote number,
you would put their cell number.

[email protected]
Kevin Coleman Profile
Kevin Coleman answered
I recommend Google voice  its free  they give you a phone number  and you can use that virtual number to send and receive texts. Sign up is required but it is super easy...
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Anonymous answered
Actually you can go to google and search text message and you will have a choice of many different things. I use the first one that talks about free text messaging. You put the number of which you are trying to text select a carrier a subject and your message. It only has enough room for 100 lt's. There are many diff ones that you can use. Just check them all out!

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