Can I Recover Deleted Taxt Messages From My Motorola Razr?


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Go to att store or what ever carrier you have
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Jason Smith , Try Android data recovery sofware, answered

It is possible to recover text messages from Motorola Razr. You can use data recovery software for Android phone.

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If you have backup motorola phone text messages to computer,you can easy to recover motorola sms from computer.If you did not backup, maybe you need some tool to help.

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No you can't
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Kendy Robynn , You need Android data recovery software, answered

Unless you have backup, the only way to recover text messages from Moto Razr is using data recovery software. ASAP!

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There is a software called "Sim Card Data Recovery Software". It can recover the deleted text messages. But you have to install that software first.
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Have you contacted your provider to see if they can print them out for you?  I know some providers can do this.  Good-Luck.
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No, my dear. You cannot recover data deleted from phone's memory. Had they been saved on SIM you could easily recover them.

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