I've locked the phone lock on my samsung gt-s350 and can't remember the code what can i do?


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If you happened to lock your Samsung and can't remember the code the most practical thing to do is contact their customer service by phone or email. Don't even consider typing just any code in your phone otherwise your problem will only get worse. It's important that you seek the help of those knowledgeable of your unit.

Samsung cellular phones aren't that complicated. They are packed with amazing features which is why they're the brand of choice among cellphone enthusiasts. However, Samsung cellular phones can be easily locked whether intentionally or accidentally. In cases like this, here's what you can do:

  • Don't panic
So you were using your Samsung phone then suddenly you pressed some keys and the phone locked. The first thing you should do is don't panic. Don't worry if your phone locked especially if you don't intended it to since it can be unlocked. Remain calm and think of the possible steps you can take.

  • Don't attempt to type anything else
If your Samsung phone is locked, it's best to leave it as is. You may not know it but typing anything can lead to serious damage. Just leave it and wait for assistance from an expert technician or from a customer service representative to help you out.

  • Follow instructions
Listen carefully to the instructions. If you're calling customer service using another phone, make sure you have your locked phone in one hand. Follow the instructions given to you. In case you didn't hear something right, just say so so that the representative can repeat the instructions to you.

If you think you can't unlock your phone yourself or you still failed at unlocking the phone, you can go to the nearest cellular phone center or Samsung shop to have your phone unlocked by an expert.
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Through this mean the security code will be reset to 0000.

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