Why Is My Straighttalk Phone Disabled?


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HOW TO FIX PREPAID SERVICE DISABLED. I did this yesterday and it worked!! Use your home phone or someone else's phone to call the straight talk # (on the website under contact us)then get to the point where you talk to a live person. Tell them your phone says "prepaid service disabled" the guy/girl will then tell you it is because you messed with your code entry mode. Don't DO THAT EVER AGAIN LOL anyway have your phone ready so you can give them your serial #, name, and etc. Make sure he/she repeats everything perfectly. Then eventually he/she will give you a huge long number to enter in code entry mode. Make sure you get it right and push "ok". The guy/girl will call your phone to test it and other stuff, no big deal. Your phone should then work. I did this yesterday. Tell me if this works for you.

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