How Do You Fix A Scratched Cell Phone Screen?


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If your cell phone screen is scratched, there is no way to fix it. It is unlikely, but you may be able to polish the scratch out on a cell phone screen like you may on a car or a table. Use a soft cloth and gently rub the scratch. It may not get rid of it completely but having a polished screen will often reduce the appearance of the scratch as it is easier to see the screen. If you can still see your cell phone screen through the scratch, most people will continue using the phone and try to ignore the scratch. Most people find that they quickly become accustomed to it if the scratch is small. You can also buy a screen protector for your cell phone to prevent further damage and to avoid the scratch ever turning into a crack. A screen protector is a clear plastic cover that is similar to a sticker that is placed over the whole screen. It is dissimilar to a sticker in the fact that it can be removed and replaced as many times as you wish without losing the stickiness. This will stop scratches and scuffs on your cell phone screen and it is a great thing to have on your phone as they are inexpensive products.
It is possible to get a new cell phone screen by sending it to a specialist phone repairer or to the company you bought it from. If you have particularly comprehensive insurance, you may be covered for a new screen but if not, it is usually extremely expensive to pay for a new screen and would often be better to simply buy a new phone.
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There is no way to fix a scratched cell phone screen. If it is the calibrator then you can do a little,  but a damaged screen can only be changed.

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Toothpaste works on minor scratches
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You may need a replacement LCD. Have a look here for a postal mobile phone repair service
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Well I don't really know the answer but can somebody tell me to fix a scratched from the inside the screen.

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