How Do You Tap Someones Cell Phone?


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The some things is hard so my dad have a things you tap someone phone
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It's very illegal to 'tap' a phone without permission, just like Joephnmnky said. However if you own the phone, and you are only tracking the data sent and received (not the voice communications) I think that is OK. As long as you have consent and permission.

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For that you would need the exact frequency that phone works on & the network. You would also need very specialized radio gear for the interception of RX/TX from that specific phone. There's ways to find out by searching the internet but what you do after that may come a price...

What you are trying to do is a violation of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. The only way taps are legal is if requested by law enforcement agencies (whether local, state or federal), a prosecutors' office or a convened Grand Jury investigation via prescribed written request to a judge. Previously mentioned elements would have to contact the service providers legal compliance department for this to take place to get the correct info to service said line tap.

Sorry this might not be the answer you wanted, but it's better than going to jail for 2 years minimum & a $10,000 fine, right?

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