What is a good Facebook photo album name for college?


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Picking your Facebook album name is important, because it will determine how many people click on it and check out your images.

The key to a good Facebook album name for college is understand the mindset of the 'kind of people' you want clicking on your album:

  • What are they into?
  • What kind of things make them curious or excited?
  • What do you want them thinking about you?

For example, if you're creating a Facebook album to show how funny your corny jokes are, maybe go with something like "Putting the FRESH in freshman"

facebook album title for college

If, instead, you are more interested in getting guys to drool over how hot you look in your Facebook photos, then maybe something like:

"Beach, babes, bikinis..." (may seem a little direct, but sometimes you have to be!)

facebook album title for college

Finally, you could just highlight the theme of what your album is all about. Just make sure it's something people are interested in seeing and clicking on. For example, if you know that loads of your college classmates are into working out and hitting the gym, you could just go with something simple and powerful like "fitness selfies".

Just make sure the cover photo will make people want to see more!

 facebook album title for college

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