How to make email id in google?


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It is possible to sign up for an email address with Google Mail on their website at On the right hand side of the screen you will see a log-in form that asks for a username and password. Underneath this form is a box that says 'New to Gmail? It's free and easy.

  • Create an account
Clicking on the 'create an account' button will take you to the application form that you need to fill out. In order to register for a Gmail account, you will need to provide your full name as well as a desired username and password.

You will be required to give a security question and answer, and have the option to submit a recovery email. A recovery email will be used should you need a new password administered in the future. You will then be required to read and agree to the terms and conditions before you can gain access to your email account.

  • Gtalk
Signing up for a Gmail account also gives you access to their in-browser messenger, Gtalk. Any other Gmail user that you have emailed in the past will appear in a chat window to the side of your inbox. When these users have their email inbox open at the same time as you, you will be able to chat to them. Gtalk is also available on mobile phones so that Gmail users can also use the service on-the-go.

  • Google Profiles
A Gmail email account also allows you to set up a Google profile. Your profile can detail your education, work and status alongside any uploaded photos and videos. This profile can then be shared and searched for by others.

  • YouTube
Google mail account usernames and passwords give quick and easy access to YouTube. Google users do not need to set up a new and unique YouTube account, their Gmail details can be transferred across.

Signing up for an email ID with Google can be done at their website as detailed above. A Google account also gives you access to a number of other features, including the new Google Plus.
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Just go to, then click “create new account”. That simple :)

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