I Can't Read My "Inbox" Messages On Facebook(won't Open) And Can't Comment On Anyones Messages Either! Ty?


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According to the Facebook help pages, if facebook messages won't open, the problem can usually be cleared by manually refreshing the page two or three times. This can be done by pressing Ctrl and r on the PC, or Command and r on the Mac.

Facebook also suggest checking whether the problem is appearing on more than just one computer and ensuring that the latest compatible browser is being used.

  • Help Pages
If the problem still persists, users should go to the Help Center by clicking on Account and selecting Help Centre from the menu. Typing Inbox Messages will open a drop down menu.

Selecting 'My messages aren't loading' brings up the solution mentioned above. Below it is a message about the problem persisting. Clicking on 'here' will bring up another page on which the fault can then be reported and should hopefully be solved by Facebook.

  • Not Being Able to Post Messages
The same procedure can be followed for the problem of not being able to post comments or messages.

  • New Accounts
If this kind of problem happens on new accounts, it is possible that the account has not yet been confirmed. Again, it should be possible to get this sorted via the help center.

  • Report a Bug
It is also possible to report a bug directly without going through the search option first. For this the user simply has to click on the 'Report a Bug' button below the search panel.

We hope this information will be of help in sorting the problem. Unfortunately, we can not be of more specific help, as only Facebook can ultimately deal with any problems that arise within their program. The Help Center does have a lot of suggestions to help, and if all else fails, problems can be reported quite easily.
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I had the same problem but I solved it! :)
if you updated your shockwave or flash player and still have the problem,
try clearing your browser data.

Click wrench icon onright side of your address bar
select options
click the "under the hood" option on the left corner
under "privacy" there's "clear browsing data" button (you should click it).
Then clear your browsing data.
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Please me I can't read my inbox messages on facebook(won't open) and can't comment on anyones messages too

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