I want to create my email id on gmail,now!how?


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Creating an email ID on Gmail is a straightforward process. The first thing you need to do is visit Alternatively, you can visit and then click the Gmail tab at the top of the page. Using either of these methods will ultimately take you to the same Gmail home screen, where you need to click on the 'create an account' button.

Once you load up the account creation page, you will see a selection of boxes for you to fill in with your personal information. Please note that all fields are required to be filled in for Gmail to create an email account for you to use, so make sure you enter your details accurately. If you have any concerns about how your information will be stored and kept confidential, visit the privacy policy page on the Gmail homepage for reassurance about the safekeeping of your data.

After filling in your first and second names, you'll progress to the 'desired login name' field. Your login name is effectively your user ID, so choose something memorable that you won't forget. For the name John Smith, Google recommends the following user IDs: JSmith and John.Smith. Feel free to try these options for your name and then check availability. If the user ID you enter is already taken, add in the last two digits from your date of birth to make JSmith90 or John.Smith90, for instance.
After you have come up with your user ID, you need to make a password to further secure your account. Tips for making a strong password are to make it entirely different from your login name and include a mixture of alphanumeric symbols. Gmail has a password strength indicator which tells you how weak or strong your password is. Aim for a strength of at least 'Good' and keep a record of your passcode in a safe, secure location.

Add in the rest of your details - including a security question to further protect your account and your location - and submit. If everything is OK with the details you've entered, you'll be forwarded to your Gmail homepage. Otherwise, you'll be told where you need to make amendments to your details and then be given the chance to re-submit them before proceeding to your new Gmail account.

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