I Want A Email Address For The First Time,I Have Tried 8 Times To Open One Up Through Yahoo Google Hotmail And Still Cant Get One Even Though I Fill The Form Out Right On Screen., Can Somebody Help Me Please?


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Richard Wilen answered
Sight up for yahoo that a easy way to get a yahoo and if you to chat with people you can do that to
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Sja BenAlex answered
You must be very carefull about the information placing on the form.

first go to

on the left hand side of the screen click the signup link.

when the form appears be care ful and choose a windows live Id using either or

the user name click on user name avaiblability button to see if the user name you have placed is available or taken already. 

then follow all the instructions on the form and type in the letters be careful if you are not sure about the letters click the circle arrow until one appears that you can read and type it out.

if you do not have Alternate e-mail address choose a question and remember to write down the question and answer and your email address and password.  If this was helpfull comment.

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Have you checked to see if the screen name you re choosing is unavailable
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Simon Villa , HACKING SPECIALIST CURRENTLY WORKS IN THE US ARMY contact @[email protected], answered

This type of hack was first demonstrated by krasten nohl in 2014 it was in hamburg during a hacker convention.this type of hack uses a network interchange service called signalling system (ss7) known in the UK as CR7,its known in the us as CCSS7,basically it works as a broker between mobile networks,when people make calls to each other CCSS7 obtains important details like number translations,sms, and other important information and other information that connect one network to the other,

This basically means an hacker after gaining access in SS7 can track a person's location based on mobile mast triangulation,read their messages and even monitor their call logs,even listen to their phone conversation.


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Some times you may fill it out 2 quickly so they think its a fake or you maye have tried using a name that is already taken or not put in the random pin down the botom

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