I want to send my hotmail photos to my facebook got Same Email address?


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Greg Allen answered
With newer versions of Hotmail, photos can be stored and viewed in a sequence if they were attached to an email. These can then be added to, each time more photos are received. However, I do not know of a ‘quick’ way to share these with Facebook and think you have to go through the usual route of saving photos to your hard drive and then uploading them to Facebook. The attachments should show on the toolbar; click on the attachment and a new window should open asking if you want to download it. You should also be able to right-click on the image and press ‘Save As’. Once you have saved these to your hard drive, upload them to Facebook by signing into your Facebook account; clicking on the ‘Photos’ button and then ‘Create a Photo Album’. To upload them quickly, hold down the CTRL key as you click on photos saved on your computer without letting go. Once you have chosen the ones you want in the album, double click on the last photo. Remember, you can always add more in case you let go by mistake. It is possible to share photos on Hotmail with SkyDrive which enables your friends and family to view the pictures as a slide show without having to fill up their inboxes with large attachments. This seems to be trying to follow the same lines as Facebook as you can ‘tag’ people and create albums, then share them with others. To do this you select ‘New Album’ when you write an email to someone. To the best of my knowledge, there is no way of connecting SkyDrive with your Facebook photos, though.

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