How To Send My Pictures To Someone Email?


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farooq ali khan answered
Make an email account, go to new compose email, write there email address in "To"then press the button there of "Attach files"

a new window will open which shows button "Browse"

you had saved your picture on My picture

when you browse then a new window shows you different locations, My picture as Well will be shown there

select My picture, all files are shown there, remember the name of that
picture which you have named it or if not then select thumbnail, for this
a original picture will be shown.

Then select it and enter or OK.

You will see again in browse bar a picture starting upload after
uploading you will see browse Same process for uploading
new pictures.

If you do not want to send more pictures then " OK " and your picture
file has been attached with your email and ready to send to that email
which is written in " To"

write "subject" too and press "SEND".

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Andy answered
Click on pic in your pictures sent to my documents go to email add recipients email address and click on attach this will give you the option to look in your document files for pics you with to send when you press open these pics will be attached in email hope this helps
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Jordan Bell answered
Like others have said, you can go into your email account and attach photos and icons into your email! I have posted a picture of the kind of icon that will appear when you create an email. Click on a similar icon and the computer will open a opening box and you will be able to choose a picture!
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Tried that and they are too large at where I send them
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Jasper Johnson answered
Go to send an email, at the top theres like, a paper clip sometimes or it says "attach file" click on it and go through the folders to the pic, or any other document you want to attach

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