How To I Create An Account On Facebook Without An E-mail Address?


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Louise Gorman answered
You have to have an email address to access Facebook. There is no way of logging into the website without one. You usually need an email address for sites such as Facebook or Myspace because they will send you an email that allows you to activate your new account with their website.

Trying signing up with hotmail or Yahoo so that you can get a new email address in order to be able to get onto Facebook. Once you have your new email address you can activate your account with Facebook and begin receiving email notifications about friend requests, messages from friends you've added on there etc.

Hope this helps.
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David Mathley answered
You must have an email address to sign up for Facebook. You can get free email accounts at Yahoo, Google, MSN, and many other sites on the internet.
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I don't have an email yet
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Sorry, but to create a Facebook account one has to have an email address.
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Eleanor jones answered
I don't think you can!

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