How to check my email address?


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First open the Internet Browser like(Internet Explorer or MOzilla or Chrome) then type the mail provider name on the Address Bar(Example: or or )then press Enter

Then  type your user name on the Login box(Example if your mail id is ([email protected]) then just type (user name :xxx)
then type the password and click sign-in or login..

After a few seconds you could view the starting page of your mail id then just click Inbox to read your mail and if you want to write or send something to any1 just click Compose and enjoy...

Hope it helps you...
Brendon Dismon Profile
Brendon Dismon answered

Simply open your email id and check your user name by clinking on name.  Then type your user name with do same for other search engine.

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blurton blab answered
First off go to your email's main page. Ex:, etc. Next find where it says sign in and sign in. After that you click inbox and  youll find all your mail.

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