Data Transfer( Import) From Incredimail To Outlook Express


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To transfer data from IncrediMail to Outlook is a little more complicated than from many other e-mail applications, as Outlook Express apparently does not offer an option to import data from here.

  • Moving Contacts
The best way to move the contents of the address book is to first of all save them onto the Desktop. This can be achieved by opening Select Tools, then clicking on Address Book. Here, Select File needs to be clicked, followed by selecting Export from the menu. The folder into which the file is to be saved can now be chosen. The next step is to either enter a custom name or keep the standard name already and click Save.

  • Importing into Outlook Express
The file can now be imported into the Outlook Express by opening the application and selecting Tools, then Address Book from the drop down menu. From the address book menu, the following have to be selected: File, then Import, followed by Other Address Book.

In the panel now opened, Text File (Comma Separate Values) should be highlighted, followed by clicking Import.The next step is to click Browse and locate the folder in which the files from the IncrediMail address book have been saved, then highlighting the file and clicking Open.

After clicking Next, the E-mail text field has to be double-clicked, followed by choosing E-mail Address from the E-mail drop down menu. After ensuring that the Import this field box is checked, it is necessary to click OK, then Finish, then OK and Close.

  • Transferring Messages
The transfer of messages from IncrediMail to the Outlook Express is a little more complicated, but should be accomplished relatively easily by following the detailed instructions provided in How to Export Mail from IncrediMail to Another E-mail Program.

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