I get an error 403 when visiting answerbag.com I was surfing the site when this error came up. It says "forbidden, error 403" Does anybody know why this is happening and how I can fix it? Thanks


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Ancient Hippy answered
This issue occurs for any of the following reasons: 
  • You are running personal firewall software or some other security, download assistant, or web accelerator software.
  • The Windows Update site control is missing or is damaged on
    your computer.
  • The Hosts file is damaged or contains incorrect
  • There are missing or damaged Internet Explorer files that display the script on the page.
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Yo Kass answered

It looks like the site may have been down, but it should be back up now.

A 403 error means when you went to the url of the site, it was trying to take you to the correct place - but for some reason your request was being blocked or denied.

In some cases it's because some work is being done to that section of the site, so while it's still a valid data stream, the developer doesn't want you to access it yet.

If you're still trying to get on to Answerbag now (after I checked that it's definitely up), and you're still getting a 403 error then there may be something locally which is blocking you...such as a firewall or other security setting.

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