How Does The Internet Affect Our Daily Lives?


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In today's modern world, the internet has become part of our lives and it affects us in the following ways:

1-  It has made communication very easy, fast and effective. In the olden days, we had to write letters or telegrams, which took a long time to reach the recipient, causing delayed decision-making in business, or in our ordinary lives.
2- People are now able to study using the net via e-learning, hence making people's lives better
3- People are now able to apply for jobs , or even do interviews on the net, thus making job employment decisions quick, and getting people employed more quickly - bettering our lives
4- The net has enabled people to acquire knowledge quicker through information sources such as Google
5- The Internet has improved trade between nations through e-commerce, e.g. People can order cars from Japan and improve livelihoods.
6- Lives have been improved through e-governance
7- Lives have been saved through tele-medicine ( whereby doctors can give advice on the net to treat patients).

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