What Problems Has The Internet Brought To Us?


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Mark Westbrook answered
The Internet has brought so many benefits to us from meeting new people, to purchasing air lines tickets or checking out your hotel before you arrive!

However, it has brought a number of dangers. A number of scams are run on the Internet for unsuspecting people, who enter their details into the computer, and end up being ripped off. There is also the dangerous of credit card fraud making things difficult for many people.

Furthermore, the ability for predators to hunt their child prey on the Internet has certainly increased, as well as the increase in child sex films and images which are now disgustingly easier to get than ever.

P*rn itself of course is more rife than ever, and barely an internet search goes by without stumbling upon some xxx website.

The internet has also become an addiction for people, the cyber world is easier to control and therefore many people have stopped living in real life and begun to communicate more and more through the internet alone.

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