Can You Tell Me Some Types Of Internet Service Providers?


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The internet today is not just a simple hierarchical structure. It is made up of so many wide and local area networks joined together by connecting devices and switching stations. It is difficult to give an accurate and precise representation of the internet because it is continuously changing; new networks are being added, existing networks are adding addresses, and networks of defunct companies are being removed. Today mostly the end users who want internet connection use the services of internet service providers (ISPs). There are international service providers, national service providers, regional service providers and local service providers.

International service providers are used to connect nations together.

National service providers are backbone networks created and maintained by specialized companies. There are many such service providers operating in North America. Some of the very well known are sprint link, AGIS, and internet MCI. To provide connectivity between end users, these backbone networks are connected by complex switching stations (usually run by third party) called network access points or NAPs

Regional internet service providers are smaller ISPs that are connected to one or more national service providers. They have lesser data rate.

Local internet service providers are used to provide direct service to the end users. The local ISPs can be connected to regional ISPs or directly to national service providers. Most of the end users are connected to the local ISPs.
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Actually, there is no point in comparing the types of internet service providers. It is the offer itself that matters! I mean the terms of the offer - speed, money, etc. However, I think if you want to choose the best offer for your new internet service provider you should compare all the deals Internet service companies are offering you. 

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There are different types of internet service providers in the country and you should make the choice depending on your preferences. A satellite internet service can be your best bet if you live in the underserved areas of the country. However, other options like DSL and fiber optic services can be cheaper when compared to satellite internet service providers. You can visit websites like to find the best satellite internet providers in your area. They can also help you find plans and packages that are suitable for you.

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