In Which OSI Layer Is TCP Used?


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The OSI Model stands for the Open Systems Interconnect model, and is used to describe abstractly the communication and computer network protocol design, through the usage of different layers. It is an advancement over the TCP/IP model, which used five layers to achieve this. The OSI model uses a total of seven layers in all, and is, therefore, also called the OSI seven-layer model. Starting from the outermost layer, the different layers are – application layer, presentation layer, session layer, transport layer, network layer, data link layer, and the physical layer.

Each of these layers has specific functions that together explain how the computer sends data from it to another. To answer your question, the TCP is present in the fourth layer of the OSI model, which is the transport layer. This layer enables data to be transferred between different users. In fact, TCP is the best example of a Layer 4 protocol.

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