What Are The Layer In OSI Model?


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OSI model, that is, open communication systems interconnection reference model (Open System Interconnection, OSI / RM, Open Systems Interconnection Reference Model), is the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) proposed an attempt to bring the computer in the world for network interconnection standard framework, referred to as OSI.
0SI/RM agreement by IS0 (International Organization for Standardization) to develop, and it has three basic functions: To provide developers with a mandatory, universal concept in order to develop sound, can be used to explain the framework for connecting different systems.
OSI computer network architecture (architecture) is divided into the following seven: The seven compared to two real-world transceiver boss map.
No. Name layered hierarchical description of metaphor
Application Layer Application Layer (Taiwan translation: The application layer) 7 user applications and network interface between the boss
Layer Presentation Layer (Taiwan: Show floor) 6 consultation data exchange format rather brief company owner, an assistant for the boss to write
Session Layer Session Layer (Taiwan: Talks layer) 5 allows the user to use easy to remember the name of the company closing a connection is equivalent to write letters, write letters and envelopes, the secretary of demolition
Transport Layer Transport Layer (Taiwan: The transport layer) 4 to provide a reliable end-to-end connection is equivalent to running the post office messenger company staff
Network Layer Network Layer (Taiwan: Network layer) 3, the right to use the data routing through a large network of post offices in the sort of workers the equivalent of
Data Link Layer Data Link Layer (Taiwan: Data link layer) 2 decision to access the network media the way the equivalent of post office workers in the loading unboxing
Physical Layer Physical Layer (Taiwan: The physical layer) 1 to convert the data to be transmitted through physical media electronic signal equivalent post in the porters.

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