What Is The Importance Of Protocols?


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Protocol has key role in today's communication world, without protocol it is not possible for one computer to communicate with another computer.
Let have a example from daily life to understand the working of protocol in Internet.
Just Imagine you are in France but you don't know how to speak French. Is it possible for you to talk to a man who doesn't know any other language except French?
Well certainly not, although you could try to communicate with him non verbally but again you'd be unable to let him know your though or idea, to get the ball rolling either you need to learn French or this need to know the language that you speak, than you both would be able to talk comfortably, so from this example we can conclude that if two human want to communicate than they must speak same language.
This same analogy applies to Internet Protocol, if one computer machine want to send or receive information to another computer, than both of these computers must use same protocol to accomplish the task.
So now we can define Protocol as" The Rules that govern communication between two or more than two computers"
The common Internet protocols are as follow
1. HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocols) helps us to view pages residing on another computer
2. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) helps us to send or receive file from one file to another file
3. SMTP/POP3 (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol & Post Office Protocol) helps us to send and receive emails
There are many like Telnet, IP etc but these are the most common that are used.
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Protocal is the bunch of technical rules that is used to successfully connect to the internet, and it is not possible one computer to communicate with other computer and it also helps to view pages on the computer, helps us to send or receive a file from one computer to other. It also helps us to send emails..
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Protocols make life simpler and systematic and same in networking computers also. These are a form of standardization.
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The most use and work of connection protocols is twice a prerequisite to the network, and a huge contributor to its capacity and success. The both of Internet Protocol (or IP) and Transmission Control Protocol (or TCP) are the very important of these, and the word TCP/IP connects to a relation(or protocol suite) of its commonly used protocols. Most of the Internet's connection protocols are elaborated in the documents of the Internet Engineering Task Force (or IETF).
Object-oriented programming has expanded the use of the feature to collect the programming protocols facilitate for connections and communication between variables.
As the protocol stack indicates a special features of protocols that work collectively, a link model is a software design that lists each layer and the program each should give. The classic layer of seven sessions link model is the OSI model, which is used for collecting protocol stacks and peer variables. This reference model also gives an facility to teach more common software engineering believes like data hiding,data modularity, and delegation of common features.

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