What Is Tcp Model? How Is It Different From Osi Model?


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First let you know that what is TCP. TCP means Transfer Control Protocol. So Protocal mean that they are some set of rules. For Transferring of data or information there are some rules. First let me tell about ISO-OSI model. In computer Network there are 7 layers to make a particular job easy. They are
Application Layer
Presentation Layer
Session Layer
transport Layer
Network Layer
Data Link layer
physical Layer
these players Transfer the data After a particular job is completed in their respective layers.
they are arranged in 4 layers
Application layer
Transport layer
Internet layer
Host to network layer
but it does all the work as done in ISO-OSI model
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The model that is used for the specifications for computer network protocols is known as TCP Model. It gives the set of rules through which the communication of computers over a network is made possible. It gives the end to end connectivity to make data formatting, addresses and right delivery possible.

The main difference between the two is the layers above the transport layer 4 and network layer 3. In OSI there are both the session layer and the presentation layer, however, in TCP both these layers appear as one application layer.

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  1. Actually TCP/IP model is practical implimentation of OSI model.
    This OSI model is 802 project.there are different types of transmission medias,different types of network topologies,different types of LANs...
    This 802 project specifies what n all transmission medias will match(work) with the different network topologies,the transmission speed,etc..
        for eg:10 Base T,10 Base 5,token ring,faster ethernet,switched ethernet...

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