What does the domain in an email message tell you? A. the location of the destination B. the subject matter of the message C. the type of software being used D. the type of service provider


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A domain is the part of the e-mail address after the @ symbol. For example, if the e-mail address is [email protected], then is the domain.

The answer is A, because in this case is the location of the destination.

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The domain in an email address tells you the location of the destination. Therefore, the answer is a)

Every email address is made up of a local part (i.e. Sarahjane) an @ symbol and then the domain (i.e

The Domain Name Server (DNS) is used by the mail server to query the Mail Exchanger Records (MX Records) in order to find the location of the destination for each email.

Therefore, all mail destined for gmail, yahoo, aol etc. Are sent to the relevant domain, and it is then sorted according to the local part of the email address.

When you think how quickly all this happens, it is amazing! Especially given that (apart from broadband/data costs) it is free. The snail mail service costs lots of money and takes about 10,000 times longer to get letters to their destination - if at all!

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