What Are Uses Of Computer In Tourism?


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Computers are being used to organize an increasingly growing industry and to accommodate even more guests in exotic locations unknown until smaller destinations were able to advertise to the wider market through this medium. From a holidaymaker's point of view, computers, and by extension the internet, is allowing them to browse and find the perfect holidays tailored to suit their needs and budget whilst comparing prices offered by multitude of competing companies.

Computers are used for every aspect of tourism; from the selection and planning of a trip to the airport systems that schedule and orchestrate the flights between airports. All the bookings seen done at a travel agents are at a desk through a computer with ease and speed. It has transformed the way in which the industry operates now compared to how it worked in its infancy.

  • Systems in recent decades

The changes over the years have forced the industry to use computers which have been used for over 50 years ago. In 1953, a system called SABRE was used by the American airlines for networking and distribution channels; an area of business that organizes the distribution of goods etc which has benefited from the processing power of the computer for larger quantities of commerce.

As said above, the growing demand for a variety of holiday destinations is only maintained and met because of the capabilities of the internet and the freedom it gives people to choose the option to visit locations not previously frequented by the ordinary tourist due to having a low profile. Tourism has become the largest single category of products made available for sale on the internet.

  • The future for computers in tourism

Tourism and its companies continue to develop the ways in which it uses technology, in particular computers, to make holidays more affordable and easier to organize and no doubt will continue to do so to meet demand.

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