What Is Abstraction In Java?


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"java abstraction is data hiding concepts"  this is completely incorrect.Encapsulation is used for data hiding not abstraction. Abstraction is a design concept on which we only declare functionality doesn't define it because we don't know about them at design point. For example if you are designing Server Class you know that there must be start() and stop() method but you don't know the exact way each server will start and stop because that will wary from server to server, so in this case we will declare Server as abstract.In Java abstraction is implemented using either abstract class or interface. Now when to choose what is subject of another question. To read more see  abstraction in java with example
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Abstraction is the process of representing some essential features in JAVA without knowing the background details. For example, for driving a car, you just have to know the process of driving it but you don't require to know the background details. Similarly JAVA provides the facility of data abstraction where you can perform the program without knowing its background details.
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Abstraction  is figuring out the common & most essential features of an entity so that its structure & behavior can be defined. The results of Abstraction is "Class". To create a class "Car" we need find the common & most essential parts of it which can make it as Car. Once you define the Car class, others can extend it and create class like Toyota Car, Ford Car etc.
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Abstraction is process of identifying key aspects & ignoring rest.
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Abstraction is a process of acquiring the properties of it super class and creating multiple.

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Hidding non_essential information only show essential information or data.
  TV Remote Control Button.
  Ie, Users view only buttons not circuit inside the remote .
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Abstraction is nothing but data hiding . In java we will
provide the object to users then they will use the object's but they doesn't
know what is happening the behind . This is called abstraction. Abstraction
uses in order to do some works easily.

For example, you have a abstract class fruit. And

fruit has some methods one of which has to be abstract
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Abstraction is nothing but a class or an object acquiring all the features of a particular class or method.
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Abstraction is details hiding where we decide the behaviour of an object and provide abstract methods for the same. The implementation rests with the concrete class.
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  The technique of choosing common features of objects and methods is known as abstracting. It also involves with concealing the details and highlighting only the essential features of a particular object or a concept. A Java programmer makes use of abstraction to specify that a couple of functions form the same kind of task and can be merged to perform a single function.

  Abstraction along with two other techniques, information hiding and encapsulation are the most significant techniques in software engineering. All of these three functionalities are known to reduce complexities in processing and programming.  Java, developed by Sun, is an object oriented programming language that can work on different independent platforms. The Java abstraction is clearly and concisely explained with the help of examples in cnx.org/content/m11785/latest//.
I am sure this detailed piece will give you a clear idea about how abstraction is incorporated in Java.
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It is difficult to understand the pl who are the beginners .
Plz give in tech progs
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I think

Abstraction is a way of dealing with the Complexity by ignoring the details and emphasizing Similarities

Means Hiding the Unnecessary details ...

For Example:----
Using static methods from System class is an abstraction
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Hi friends, This is Ravi

Abstraction in java all of you are ( hiding unwanted information)  correct, but it is at user level not programmer level. I thought  some one has posted like using Static methods from predefined Classes (like Class,System) is somewhat correct,
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In java abstraction is to hide the codes so that it can be change only by the person who make ths

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