What Is Jre In Java?


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JRE-Java Runtime Environment  can be defined as a collection of JVM(Java virtual machine) + Java classes+Runtime Libraries.  As the name suggests,JRE creates an environment wherein Java programs can be compiled,interpreted and executed irrespective of the platform(i.e either WINDOWS or LINUX or anyother operating system)
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JRE=jvm+java packages classes(swing etc)+RUNTIME LIBBARIES
it contain jvm class libraries and other supporting file .if you want to run any java program you need to have RUN TIME installed in the system. Actually JVM runs the program and it uses the class libraries and other supporting files provided in RUN TIME.
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JRE is Java Runtime Environment. It is a place where java classes are run. Like in the case of an applet, a JRE needs to be installed on the web server where you are going to run the applet.

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