What Is Difference Between JRE, JVM And JDK In JAVA?


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jdk is an java development kit that contains JREcdevelopment tools
jre is an java runtime environment which is implementation Of JVM that exists physically.Java virtual machine (jvm) ia an abstract machine that bytecode of java can be executed which providing an runtime environments.

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JRE is Java runtime environments. It is used to help in doing work with the combination of hardware and software. It makes the Java easy to transfer data language. The programmers can create the software without think that how and where the software run.

JVM is a Java virtual machine which facilitates the programmer to execute the Java code easily. It gives a platform to run the different abstracts of language between central processing unit (CPU) and operating system. JVM is program which has JRE and it converts the source code into byte code. This code is easy to understand for the machine and some time called machine code.

JDK is Java development kit. It is used with the combination of Java software to develop the new software. JDK contains more then one JRE and developmental sub program like debugger, libraries etc. In the libraries you may use the JVM which is embedded in library code. It is used for compilation of byte code and library software. JDK works with the help of JVM and JRE.

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